CS Sealey

New Zealand-based sub-editor, writer and author

The Howling Winds

Writing in progress...

What at first seems like a straightforward missing persons investigation turns into an action-filled chase across the galaxy.


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For generations, two great empires have been at war. This seemingly never-ending conflict, however, is set to come to an end with the arrival of twelve individuals wielding the power of the gods.

Where’s My Whisper?

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An interactive children’s book about a boy in search of something special.

Goosey Goosey Gander

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Several years after the last world war, a new government has taken over England and rules with an iron fist. Alistair MacTavish is on the run from the authorities and has only one place left to turn.

The Progeny

Writing in progress...

The Ayon Empire has been crushed and the Ronnesians are slowly but surely securing their dominance. However, their squabbles over land and sovereignty will seem trivial compared to the rising threat of an altogether different kind of foe.

The Crimson Dawn

Writing in progress...

Set 200 years after the Great War, the Ronnesian Empire is vast and very powerful. However, the Ayons are suffering under Ronnesian rule and are taking furtive but determined steps to regain their freedom.

The Red Ribbon

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A young man struggles with the unrequited love of a prostitute in 19th-century London. Nothing, not even the expectations of his class and status, will stop him in his quest to possess her.

The Broken One

Writing in progress...

A uni student is having a night out with some friends. After getting into a fight outside a pub, he is hit by a car. Lingering between life and death, his dream is full of darkness, war and magic.

The Witch Hunt

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A pair of young runaways is pursued through merciless terrain by a superstitious mob who believe that the boy is under the girl’s magical control. However, they cannot run forever.


Writing in progress...

A man fights for his freedom in a war-torn nation, but freedom brings with it no safety.


Writing in progress...

The characters in Equilibrium believe in a legend explaining how mortals got their powers. This is the story of that legend, but is it true?

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The Earth is recovering from nuclear fallout and, due to radiation levels, scientists have been forced to research cloning to maintain the human race.

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