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New Zealand-based sub-editor, writer and author

The Broken One

Writing in progress...

The idea for this one has been floating around in my head for about a year but only recently have I actually sat down to properly plan it out. This is quite strange for me because I’m usually not the sort of writer who plans before writing. I usually start with a scene and develop a story around that scene but this story was different. I had a premise and a definite beginning and end already sorted out! Of course, it will probably change dramatically along the writing journey but I’m quite excited about this one.

At first, I was considering trying to write and illustrate this story as my first graphic novel but I think I might need some more training before I attempt something of that kind of scale.

The main idea of this book is Ben O’Shea being hit by a car one night and ending up in hospital in a coma. While he undergoes surgery and recovery, then surgery again, Ben has a very dark and war-torn dream. The longer he remains in hospital in an induced coma, the more real the dream becomes and he begins to lose the memories of the real world and replaces them with memories from the dream world. Soon, he won’t remember anything beyond the dream.

So what happens when the doctors try to bring him round again?

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