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The Sandman: Endless Nights

I must say upfront that I have not read any books by Neil Gaiman. Now, while you frantically pick your jaw up from the floor and check your eyesight to make sure you didn’t misread, I’ll continue on in shame.

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: Endless Nights is a set of seven stories, each brought to life by a different artist. The theme of each chapter reflects one of the seven Endless, a family of beings that embody death, desire, dream, despair, delirium, destruction and destiny.

The world these beings belong to is vast, beautiful, terrible and mystifying all at once. The artists have been chosen wisely and their own personal styles match perfectly with the theme of each chapter. The Delirium chapter, in particular, has done this well and, no matter how many times I reread it, I don’t think I will ever truly understand that chapter.

True, I can’t fully appreciate this graphic novel without having read other Sandman books, so that’s what I’m going to do—after I finish my already rather tall pile of shame.

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